It’s important to note, GNIAR and the Multiple Listing Service are separate entities and require different education requirements for joining. 


New members of GNIAR are required to complete GNIAR’s New Member Orientation within 4 months of joining. New Member Orientation is made up of 5 classes GNIAR Board of Directors strongly felt were important for new members to complete.

  • Code of Ethics
  • Antitrust
  • Listing & Purchasing Forms
  • Advertising & Fair Housing
  • Association Overview

Option 1 - Take GNIAR's New Member Orientation

This requirement can be fulfilled during GNIAR’s Two-Day New Member Orientation held on a bimonthly basis. These are two consecutive days in a row where you will complete all 5 classes. Register for each class on the calendar page.

Option 2 - Complete Online through with Similar Classes

We understand many of our members have other obligations making two days of live classes difficult to fit into their schedule. As an alternative, new members can choose to take online classes through which offer similar classes to GNIAR. 

GNIAR’s Education Portal with RECP

*If you choose this option, make sure you email all certificates to to be exempt from GNIAR’s live classes.

**If you have never taken a class through before, you will need to create a login. Once you purchase the class you will then access it by going to the ‘My Account’ drop down and selecting ‘Registrations’. 


All MLS subscribers/participants are required to complete a 3-hour class called MLS Rules and Regulations within 120 days of joining the MLS. 

This course covers:

  • Accountability of Participants/Subscribers
  • Avoiding costly & common mistakes
  • Disclosure of REP properties
  • Responsible adherence to rules
  • Square footage changes 
  • Understanding origin of rules 
  • Consequences of automatic fines 

Option 1 - Take GNIAR's Live 3-Hour Class

GNIAR’s MLS Rules and Regulations class is offered Monthly at various times. This is a live classes at no cost to new MLS Subscribers/Participants.

Register on the Calendar Page.

Option 2 - Complete Online Recorded Class

The recorded class is offered online for $5. Once completed, email your certificate to

ONLINE MLS Rules & Regulations Course